Company Review: Dhruv Consultants
Stupid management. They doesn’t even know what management is!
I wonder how they are running the business from past 4 years or so.

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Stupid management. They doesn’t even know what management is! I wonder how they are running the business from past 4 years or so.


I really tried finding one positive thing about Dhruv consultants, worli but seriously couldn't find any.
In fact, I have to deliberately rate this company on career, compensation, culture, etc because the system is not taking my review unless I rate this company. I would not even give a single star to any of the parameter mentioned here in the ratings section.


Worst management I have ever came across in my whole professional career.
They do not pay you on time, they do not give respect & expects that people should learn professionalism from them (as if they are Gods) FU

You can judge the mentality of these guys by this example:
When I asked them for my salary they said that we are running cash crush so we cannot pay you before 21st of this month.
When my colleagues asked for their incentives, they said the same thing.

I mean what kind of management skills these people have. If they can never pay on time then why are they running a loss making business??
People leave them in 1 to 3 months & the owner really cries over it & says that people use her company as stepping stone & make Ch***ya of her & she doesn't like that thing to happen to her ... bla bla bulls***t she speaks (please avoid my language, I've learned this from her, trying to over come)

SO, I wonder her sensibilities & her way of tackling with situations. I mean you are a recruitment company & people gona definitely use this opportunity as a stepping stone. So, in case you eagerly want that people shouldn't leave you this early then you must come up with few ideas to reduce your attrition rate. There is no sense in blaming the situations or cursing people..
Better, RIP at home!!!

Advice to management

Get your management basics clear you inhumane morons.
God has blessed you with a human body & a small brains in to it. So, if you don't know how to use it better wind up your business & serve your home.
Also, please learn to lock your pathetically insane & ill-languaged mouth Miss Sheetal because you never know when you come across a person who is more insane than you, who has a capability to put a lock on ua mouth & teach you a lesson.
Leaving your company was the best decision I took.

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