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jtriton   Posted On May 6, 2013

You can understand what i mean to say just by reading the title itself..As mentioned,its very easy to get into this company..They wont do any background verification so you can get away with showing false experience certificates..So mostly people who are in desperate need of job and freshers fall in pray to this company.. Literally speaking this company is a big **fraud**.they cheat their customers as well as their employees.Pay scale of this company is pathetic.They don’t look for talent or knowledge in candidates..they only go for cheap labour..They ll make you sign a contract of 2 yrs and after 2 yrs u ll have to give a notice period of 2 months before leaving.They ll tell you that,they ll send you overseas and you have big chances making good money their.. By overseas people generally assume countries like usa,uk,austrailia etc..But the truth is they can only send you to africa which is way under developed then india.after spending 6 months in africa,they ll tell you to make a work permit of 2 yrs so you ll be bound to live there for 3 yrs approx ll suffer their at the limit of suffocation.and they pay you 475 $ per month on average..which is pathetic amount for a person visiting overseas while your indian salary will remain the same..they give 2k-3k increment per year so even if you work for 3-4 years in this company,your package wont improve by even 1 lac.As far as knowledge is concerned,You wont learn shit here.There is no technically sound work in this company.Its only minor customization and maintenance of their third grade,outdated ERP software called ebizframe.I pity customers who buy this product. After working 2 yrs in here,u ll regret wasting your time as you ll stand nowhere to face interviews of other companies. .And in another company ,you ll get package accordingly..If you think of leaving this company,then y’ll have to go through worst nightmare of your life..They will torch er you in every possible way mentally and financially.They will try to extract money from you in every possible way..The company HR Gaurav malhotra is crooked fellow,a big thug. Guys even if you are in desperate need of job,i wont recommend this company.You ll get plenty of companies like this..join any but this one..Mark my words..You ll regret it..