Company Review: First-InSight Corporation.
In one sentence, describe your experience at First-InSight Corporation.

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In one sentence, describe your experience at First-InSight Corporation.


Nothing +ve about this comapany


First Insight is a Very Bad company to work with..

-- Very Unstable products
-- Biased people....
-- No Career opportunities
-- Anytime Termination by giving you reason of Non performance (Even if you got the performance award)
-- PF withdrawal problems (Stated by someone)
-- No Appreciations..or you can say appreciations to only people who can be "CHAMCHAS"
-- No Vision to grow as an organization.
-- Low (U can say lowest) salary...
-- No any reward or consideration of loyalty (In fact loyalty word can be used to abuse someone in this company)
-- 3 locations changed in last 6 years.
-- Total Count of 110 people in July 2012 and now in october 2012 its around 60....almost 50% of attrition rate in 3-4 months.
-- Most number of unhappy customers.......Customer base is decreasing day by day..
-- If you are fresher you'll have to sign 2 years bond & you'll get fired anytime...and your career get spoiled like anything.....Even after you'll get fired, you are not sure that you'll get your dues in time....

Advice to management

Its better to shut down this company or sell out this company instead of ruining employee's life & Time of customers.

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