11 Sep 2010 – ABB – Thapar University Patiala – Placement Paper – Candidate Experiences Add Placement Paper

The company came for ECE, EEE and CSE. There were different papers for all 3 trades. The test was held in 20 colleges throughout India and results will be evaluated altogether.
There was only 1 test- 60 questions and 60 minutes. I am listing the questions from the CS section.
Major portion was from high level concepts of RDBMS and DBA. 5-6 questions from C, 5-6 from Unix, 2-3 about binary-decimal and 2-3 from OS and Networking.
1. Which directory contains info about user accounts in UNIX
2. What does EXP command do?
a) create backup
b) recovery
3. Lowest layer of UNIX
a) Hardware
b) Kernel
c) Shell
d) None
4. What does whoami command do?—(ans)current user.
5. Which command is used for help on a particular command in  UNIX?—(ans)man command
6. What file does the ODBC look for to load drivers?
a) odbc.ini
b) odbc.dll
c) odbcdvr.ini
d) none
7. printf(“f=%o”,f)–output?
8. How do we write comments in sql;
9. Function of ipconfig,
10. What is the extension of oracle reports—optiond like RPF,RDf,REP etc;
11. OS is a _______? ans-system software
12. Windows is ____________?single user/multitasking OS.
13. Linking can happen at wich time?
a) compile,
b) load,
c) run;
d) all
14. Questions on report generation in oracle.
15. #define a 10
void main()
#define a 50;
16. In hierarchial model-hash function used to find wat?-
a) primary key,
b) root,
c) child;
d) none
17. Hierarichal model given by IBM
18. Which model has top down approach—-ans:hierarchical model
19. printf(“nsb”);
20. define_editor=”emacs” in sql*plus means??
ans– emacs become default editor
21. In wich type we need to take arr size greater than the input lenght:
22. Int a[100];
value of a[50]???
23.Some program on post,pre increment in C
24. A ques on outer join
25. A dbms query to insert values in only 2 columns of a table hacin 3 columns
26. 1 gigabyte=1073741824;
27. Atomic units of databse are _____________?—indivisible;

31. Which of these is data dictionary software package::
1. DB/DC dictionary
4. metadata
32. What is Demorgans law?
33. C bitwise left shift RHS operator?? ans– <<=
34. Functions in c for memory allocation and deallocation??
malloc and free
35. Convert 45 into binary and tell MSB and LSB?
36. Convert .0111 into decimal

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