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Very Unprofessional & unethical Organization

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Very Unprofessional & unethical Organization


No Rules. Good for unpunctual peoples


Onward Technologies Ltd. - Very unprofessional organization, no rules, Salary never in time.
Lack of Motivation, Poor Appraisal of the Work, Poor Management
Every time MD announces no profit, No increment; But press results shows every time at least increase of 20% turnover with profit, this is strategy to improve value of share.
More than 25% variable salary, No facilities for employees, Indiscipline, Poor Culture, No value for employees.
HR & admin are far away from employees, No farewells, Nobody is ready for improvements
Many ridiculous unmentioned rules to cut salaries of employees (Policy to improve turnover when management fails to get the business)
Working environment is very horrible. Even they never let you get out of the company smoothly.
You cannot join their customers, competitors, suppliers, venders etc, You never know who they are & get the list of it. If you join these, you will get a Legal notice.
You never get full & final within 4 months. PF withdrawal - company never signs your documents. In some cases employee received docs after 1 year.

Advice to management

Think little bit about employees, as they are main asset of the company, they aren't labors.
Reduce Huge GAP between HR & employees.

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