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Fraud Company !! No proper after sales and service

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Fraud Company !! No proper after sales and service


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I am 52 Year old finance professional and running my own company with team of couple of Chartered Accountants. I have my office headquarter at Jaipur and a branch office at Delhi and I work from both locations. At both office locations we take care of a complete financial portfolio of our clients and try to provide them the best services. Now a days there is the world of technology and every industry, company, shop need to synchronize with the latest technology else business will not grow and clients will not turn up. I will specifically talk about the day to day working and the challenges which I face due to some fraud companies.
If you are a CA then you will agree with me that technology has taken place of the manual work and without using software for computation/taxations/accounting and similar we can’t work. These software are basic necessity for any Chartered Accountant firm or even a Chartered Accountant who is practicing individually. Every Chartered Accountant is entirely dependent on some IT company who develop these kind of software for computation/taxations/accounting purpose. Some IT companies are genuine who take utmost care of the dependency of Chartered Accountant on them but some fraud companies are also there in the market who take wrong advantage of the dependency of Chartered Accountants on them. The business goal of these companies has just to earn money and that to be any mean like by making the clients fool, giving them wrong product which they actually does not need, overcharging from the innocent client and many more similar modes of cheating.
This above piece of information was very important to make you understand the incident which happened to me, where one Jaipur based company with the name of KDK software was the culprit and I was the victim. I am very much sure that I am not the only one who was a victim of this company, I have seen many articles, open letters and lots of complaints on the Internet about this company hence there are a lot people who lost their hard earn money when they purchase software from this company.
Let me brief you how this company cheated with me, I was approached by this company to take their software for taxation related work. I was not very happy to see the features of the software but still I took that software and trust me that was my big mistake. The minute I install this software there are lots of errors which crashed my system and at last I called the customer support number of this company. I was in shocked that they have all illiterate staff for customer support, they can’t even understand Hindi properly. The Support staff is so rude and have no technical knowledge of the software. Worst part of their support system was that they never call you back once they took money out of your pocket and before that they call you every second day.
Then again, I took pain to know more about this company’s background and shocked to know the various points about this company which clearly shows its past record of being unethical and Fraud Company. Let me give you some glimpse of my finding about this company:

Actually, this company never founded by anyone or I would say this company has no origin. There was some other IT company from which the current director of this company was associated and was responsible to take care of the marketing of that IT company, but if someone’s intention was not good then he always do the wrong things. This person so called director took all ideas of developing software from the parent IT company and done some fraud and took an exit from that parent company where he was associated. Then he started his own development of the same kind of software on the basis of stolen ideas. By telling lies to everyone at last he was succeeded to establish himself in the market and earned some good money.
Consumers like me is still wondering the origin of this company, in recent past this company was part of one big MNC who acquired this Jaipur based company and in very lesser time it got separated from this Jaipur based company (might be this MNC came to know the truth of this Jaipur based company). I strongly believe that this MNC realized in very short time that this joint venture will not be fruitful as they have acquired wrong and unethical company.
In the recent past this company had outsourced its customer support to some BPO with name of Vkalp which is also Jaipur based because this company was giving very bad support. As this company does not have good intentions, hence they again took all work back from this BPO and also influence some the employees of this BPO and provided jobs to them.
So, bottom line of the above matter is just use your brain wisely and never ever trust on these kind of fraud companies.

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