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Saurav Maheshwary
B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering (in my 7th semester)
Heritage Institute of Technology, Kolkata
Infosys (On Campus)
Appeared: 491
Cleared Aptitude Test: 367
Final Selection: 357
I took the Infosys Interview on 24-Aug-2011 at 2:00p.m. The interviewer was a 55 year (approx) old man.
Me: May I come in Sir?
Interviewer: Yes
Went over to where he was sitting…He shakes my hand…
Me: Good Afternoon Sir
Interviewer: Good Afternoon, Please sit.
Interviewer: Saurav, are you nervous?
Me: Yes Sir, I'm a bit nervous.
Interviewer: Why?
Me: Actually Sir this is my first interview since 1995… 
Interviewer: Why 1995?
Me: Sir that is when I had taken several interviews for getting admission in a school.
Interviewer: Which school were you in? (Starts looking for the school, in the CV)
Me: Sir, Calcutta Boys' School.
Interviewer: Oh, Calcutta Boys' School. Which games do you play?
Me: Sir, Back in school I used to play Football, but now in college I play Badminton.
Interviewer: Are you aware of the rules in football?
Me: Sir, I am a successful dilettante where football and badminton are concerned.
Interviewer: Can you name some Indian Football Players?
Me: Sir, Bhaichung Bhutia and uh…
Interviewer: Some Badminton Players?
Me: Sir, Anup Sridhar, Chetan Bhagat, (I correct myself) Chetan Bhagat? uh I'm sorry Sir, Chetan Anand…
Interviewer: Do you know some female Badminton Players?
Me:Sir, Jwalla Gutta and uh…
Interviewer: Who is the top ranked Indian female player?
Me: Yes Sir…Saina Nehwal.
Interviewer: Ya, Saina Nehwal. Did you attend the Pre-Placement Talk yesterday? (The Infosys PPT had been conducted by Mr.Tanveer Singh, the previous day.)
Me: Yes Sir.
Interviewer: What do you know about Infosys?
Me: Sir, the CEO of Infosys is Mr.S.D. uh…Shibulal. Infosys has been in existence for the past 30 years. It started off as a 250 US dollar company, and had initially started off as a consultancy firm. At present it has 1 lac 33 
thousand uh…
Interviewer: employees…
Me: employees, yes Sir.
Interviewer: What do you prefer- working in a group or working individually?
Me: Sir, I like working in a group, individually.
Interviewer: I don't get you…If a teacher gives you a work and…(he gave some example – the exact details of which slips my memory now.)
Me: Sir, I prefer woking in a group.
Interviewer: Why?
Me: Sir, that is because if I get stuck in my work I can always discuss with my friends.
Interviewer(nods and says): What are your plans regarding your 7th semester project? What have you decided to take up as a project?
Me:Sir, We have already been allotted the project?
Interviewer:What is the project all about?
Me:Sir, It is about solving an optimization problem…
Interviewer:Optimizing What?
Me:(I nod my head and continue)…using Genetic Algorithm, and Inventory Management. Sir, for example a shipping company that needs to ship boxes has to optimize the space so that the maximum number of boxes can be fit and delivered… and also within the given time slot…(Explained) 
Interviewer:Do you want to ask me something?
Me: As of now, no Sir.
Interviewer: Thank you Saurav.(Shakes hand again)
Me:Thank you Sir.
(As I'm getting up)
Interviewer:You look stiff and nervous.
Me(Smiling): Sir, As I said this was my first formal interview since 95, that is why I was a bit nervous.
Interviewer: No, Dont be.
Me(Smiling): Yes Sir…Thank You Sir.
The interview was over in about 3-4 minutes.
My first instinct about the interview was that I had made it.
Results were declared on 27 August 2011…
was through.  

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