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We would like to create an online resource which can help candidates to prepare for not only their first job but to help when they think to switch to a new company. We want to help you to make your career decisions.

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1 Apr 2005 – VeriFone Inc. – – Placement Paper – Whole Testpaper

VERIFONE  Question Paper 4 2005there will be 45 qstns. 15+5+5+5+5+5+5.section: electronics:1.a logic ckt is given and asked to identify the configuration.ans: XOR.2.multi vibrator with nor gates is givenans: astable multi sqr wave opt.3.4 stage ripple counter with delay(f/f) 10msec. How much time it takesfor a state to change. 4*10=40.4.impedence of a p'lel resonant circiut at resonance:R.5.serial to parellel conversion is done by ans:shift register.5.if the address bus id 20bits.then the m...

1 Jan 1900 – VeriFone Inc. – – Placement Paper – Whole Testpaper

 Aptitute test : 15 Minutes, 20 QuestionsSome questions are:(not in order)1. A question (first one)on addition of fraction of inches a. was the answer2. There were 36 chairs. how many ways can they be placed suchthat all rows have equal no. of chairs and atleast three chairs are there in each row and there are atleast three rows.ans:5 ways.3. There are 27 balls, of which 1 is heavier. given a balancehow many times you need to weigh to find out the odd ball. ans:3 Weighs.4. Pr...
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