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We would like to create an online resource which can help candidates to prepare for not only their first job but to help when they think to switch to a new company. We want to help you to make your career decisions.

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1 Jan 1900 – First Consulting Group – – Placement Paper – Whole Testpaper

  FCG INDIA PAPER 1.Judy is now twice as old as Adam,but 6 years ago, she was 5 times as old as he was . How old is judy now? A) 10 B) 16 C) 20 D) 24 E) 32 2. if 3x=2(5-2x), then x = ? A) 10/7 B) 0 C) 3/7 D) 1 E) 10/7 3. If a is equal to the sum of b and c, which of the following is equal to the difference of b and c A) a-b-c B) a-b+c C) a-c D) a-2c E) a-b-2c 4.if the sum of five consecutive even integers is t, then, in terms of t, what is the greatest of these integers? A) (t-20)/5 B) (t-1...

14 Sep 2006 – First Consulting Group – Durgapur – Placement Paper – General – other

  FCG  PAPER ON 14th  SEPTEMBER AT  DURGAPUR I got selected in FCG through a pooled campus held in durgapur on 14-15th September, 2006.They are having four rounds of interviews namely-Aptitude tests, Group discussions, Technical interview and finaly HR.The Aptitude test was conducted by PAC ie Progressive Aptitude Council from Bangalore.The first thing that I want to share in case of FCG is that they are having a very unusual pattern of questions. They were never tough. Extre...
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